Crisanta de Guzman
I believe that art must engage the audience like poetry does: by conveying a universal message in an image that is visually compelling.

Coming from an economics background, I feel strongly about making thought provoking work that relates to issues that go beyond art and into daily life. My work touches on current themes such as globalization and immigration, as well as the more universal themes of mortality and what it means to be human.

Originally trained as a wood and stone carver, my work now follows two tracks. I create object-based sculpture where the choice of media is determined by the conceptual theme the piece addresses.

My current work involves taking digital stills and videos of my sculpture combined with original footage and appropriated images and videos. In a cross-media loop, the viewer gets to experience the sculpture as an object in real space and then sees the sculpture take on a life of its own in the photos and videos.